Metal Tiger share price the coiled spring. #MTR

Metal Tiger share price is currently c25p. This valuation does not cover the assets of the business let alone the upside associated with its investments.

All analysis of the business indicates that MTR is undervalued.

Market Indicators

Every single market indicator indicates Metal Tiger is a strong buy as indicated by the following indicators. Anybody who uses indicators as a buy signal would consider MTR a slam dunk.

Simon Thompson of Investors Chronicle

Simon Thompson of Investors Chronicle has Metal Tiger as one of his top shares to watch in 2020. (See here). The reasons highlighted are compelling.

Rick Rule

Why has billionaire Rick Rule one of the most influential people in the mining industry, personally bought 3.94% of Metal Tiger?

Rick Rule is also a partner of Exploration Capital Partners who own 13.56% of Metal Tiger.

These are significant investments. Rick Rule is on record as saying he invests looking for multi bag opportunities.

Much of this investment was made at 30p (takes into account consolidation). Much higher than the current share price. What does that say about what Rick Rule expects to happen to the share price if he bought at 30p and expects to multi bag from that level?

Share Price movement

The share price is continuing to climb. Many are seeing the potential. So much news is coming from this asset rich, cash rich business.

Share price has moved from 8p (equivalent) 19th March 2020to 26p, 9th July 2020 an increase of 225%.

This is only the start.

2020 is the year for Metal Tiger.

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