Blog about Metal Tiger Net Smelter Royalties. What is the value? What next? #MTR

What is the value of Metal Tigers Net Smelter Royalty assets?

The following table indicates what potentially they could be worth for Botswana prospects T3 and T4.

This table highlights that T3 is worth £2m and T4 is worth a minimum of £22m.

We have no idea what the actual figure will be for T4. It’s safe to assume based on data available to date that area is probably more valuable that T3.

This is why when Sandfire recommence drilling in June (next week) they are focusing on T4.

The Net Smelter Royalty payments are worth more than the market cap of Metal Tiger.

Is it a surprise that all long term indicators have MTR as a buy and the overall rating today is 88% buy?

As drilling recommences in Botswana the value of Metal Tigers NSR will if results are as expected increase.

How will Sandfire address the potential payments they will have to make to Metal Tiger?

Are they going to:

  • Attempt to buy the NSR rights?
  • Make an offer for MTR?
  • Do nothing?

See here for more information on Metal Tigers NSR

Metal Tiger have a rich period news period in June with information due on several fronts.

The recent interest and movement in the share price is therefore not surprising.

Expecting next week and the end of this week to be interesting for MTR’s share price.

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