Metal Tiger and Royalty payments. #MTR

It is becoming clear that royalty streams have become a significant part of Metal Tigers growth strategy.

Today we have the RNS regarding Metal Tigers participation in Trident Resources £16m placing (see here).

Metal Tiger will own 2.75% of the business with their 2.85m shares. A business that is focused on growth-focused mining royalty and streaming.

Metal Tigers new website also has a page specifically highlighting their future royalty streams. This was not the case with the old website.

It is clearly a focus for the business. The added benefit is these royalty payments can, if MTR wish be sold on.

It’s interesting that MtR have invested in a company focused on royalty payments. Could they be preparing for the future?

They could sell on royalty interests to Trident and still retain some of the upside via their 2.75% share holding.

Metal Tiger have some significant assets and their asset base continues to grow.

The CEO of Metal Tiger also mentioned during a recent interview that royalty interests have a value and the possibility of selling on. The market will at some point include the value of royalty payments into their assessment of MTR’s value.

This is a rich news period for Metal Tiger. Now expecting news regarding Pan Asia Metals IPO in the next few weeks.

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