Metal Tiger shares going to long term holders. #MTR #Gold @benchpressmike

Based on relative price strength, Metal Tiger is in the top 10 of undervalued stocks according to Jim O’Shaughnessy’s Tiny Titans league table (see here).

This is the ratio between the price trend and the share price.

Is this one of the measures Mike Joseph uses who issued this tweet this morning?

Mike had 6.31% of the shares. He now has 8.13%.

We also have Simon Thompson of Investors Chronicle who has Metal Tiger as a bargain share for 2020 (see here). He reiterated this in a follow up article on the 15th May.

When you look at the sum of the parts we have many indicators that Metal Tiger is undervalued (see here).

Since this article published MTR have invested an additional A$310k in Cobre who have acquired 100% of Toucan.

All of the indicators are Metal Tiger is undervalued. The good news is this undervaluation takes no account of the potential upside from their numerous investments let alone the 2% net smelter royalties negotiated with Kalahari Metals or Sandfire Resources.

These investments are numerous as can be seen from the above graphic.

When a value is established regarding the negotiated net smelter royalties what will be the value of the business?

Exciting times for Metal Tiger when with the buzz around junior gold companies, MTR have investments in at least 9 such companies.

All the indicators are the future is looking very positive for Metal Tiger.

Let’s see if this translates to the share price. With companies shares in free float continually diminishing as long term holders buy the rerate should it happen will be swift.

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