Cobre news and Thor share price movement good for Metal Tiger. No wonder share price risen by 47% in April. #MTR $CBE #THR

Metal Tiger maintain their 19.99% investment in Cobre with further cash injection into the business.

Read announcement here.

What does this say about Metal Tigers view of the business when they have 19.99% of the business the maximum allowed under ASX rules?

Remember Terry Gammer is a NED of Metal Tiger. He discovered the Cosmos Nickel deposit for Jubilee Mines which went on to be an ASX Top 200 company.

Terry is involved in all investment decisions made by Metal Tiger.

Thor Mining share price is also steadily increasing. Could this because of the recent tweet by Stirling Bridge Resources indicating gold was completely ignored?

The Metal Tiger portfolio of investments is growing. The following graphic indicates what we know. When we get the next update from Metal Tiger what else will we be advised about their investments?

If just one investment delivers, Terry Gammer could be responsible for assisting another company in becoming an ASX 200 company.

Share price of Metal Tiger currently 1.55p a rise of 47% in April.

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